Parenting is not about just providing; it is much deeper than that.  As a parent you will be worried about your child’s well-being as well as his future.  The aim of most parents is to raise a happy, intelligent, and fulfilled child – a child that is secure, confident, and independent.

The Circle of Love

Love is known to be a panacea for just about everything.  And children, more than adults thrive under love and care.  You will be surprised to know that a large number of children who have high IQs and are brainy come from loving stress-free homes.  Educators find that secure and well-loved children perform better in school than children from broken homes or stress-filled homes.

So, get ready to give umpteen hugs and kisses.  Run with your child, hold his hand without an excuse, play ball, get down on all fours and have a race with your toddler.  Interact at all levels and times.

Choosing Smart

Technology is a part of the life of children today.  And right from being a toddler kids are introduced to computers and all the interactive systems that come with it.  The choices in the market are more than a zillion.  So, you must choose smartly what will benefit your child greatly and what won’t.

Interactive CDs and other software produced by educators use play and advanced graphics, music, and imagination to hone skills like language, math, dexterity, and higher thinking in kids.  Play thus becomes a great learning experience.

The toys are designed to spark interest and creativity in the child.  They have open-ended options, which mean the child must make logical choices in order for the game to proceed.  This initiates concentration, absorption of facts, and abiding interest.  The toys develop skills like hand-eye co-ordination, verbal and written communication, patience, and the ability to follow and understand instructions.

Choose a toy after considering what interests your child, his or her age, and strengths as well as weaknesses.  Make intelligent choices and be sure to read the instructions thoroughly.  Ask questions that come to your mind before making a purchase and be a smart shopper, find out from other users about their experience with the toys.